Virtual Pantry And Fridge Makeover

This will help you take care of the stress you feel when it’s time to cook and you don’t know what to cook because everything is disorganized, out of order and you feel out of control, you don’t even know what you have. You end up closing the pantry door and order doordash…

I am happy to teach you my low-stress approach that allows you to make sustainable decisions and feel good making them.

  • We’ll concentrate on the “quality” of ingredients over the “quantity” of calories/carbs/fat etc.
  • Get obvious and not-so-obvious ideas on what to stock and re-stock your pantry and fridge with.
  • You stay independent of any particular food plan (works with all, if you prefer paleo or vegan or keto, etc)
  • Every step you take and progress you make is your own decision to reach your goal. I am there to make them manageable.
  • Start where you feel most comfortable when it comes to removing unsafe items. Whatever’s easier for you we’ll go that route.


This is how it works!

The Basic Process - Pantry Clean-out

Let’s dig into the basic process:

Step 1 – Take everything out – Just like Marie Kondo’s style on her magic book.

Step 2 – Sort out:

  • Like with like
  • Expired


Step 3 – Make two piles:

  • Clean out two counter spaces
  • Choose a counter for the Safe Pile
  • Choose a counter for the Unsafe Pile


Step 4 – You have two options here:

  • Put everything back in eye-sight order – This is part of your education stage if you are enrolled in the one-on-one coaching program.
  • Toss/donate toxic/unhealthy and put back only clean stuff – this is part of your preparation stage if you are enrolled in the one-on-one coaching program.


The proof is in the piles! You’ll see the truth in the safe and unsafe piles.

  • If you see a big unsafe pile that means we have room for improvement and can’t wait to watch you grow through this experience.
  • If you see a small unsafe pile, CONGRATULATE yourself! You are doing a great job! Be proud!

The Choice Is YOURS

If you fill your pantry and fridge with healthy food,

you will only eat nothing but HEALTHY FOOD!

I’ll provide guidance, support, and resources and will be cheering you on to help you follow through when you are ready.

I will honor any complicated relationships with food and together we can figure out easy ways.

If you feel you may suffer from emotional eating read more here or here.

This is NOT meant to be an elimination diet unless you are instructed by your physician or you just prefer to do one.

I’ll have you totally inspired as I know we all are sometimes guilty of having stuff hidden in the back for heavens know how long.


Artificial Ingredients like: aspartame, calcium sorbate, monosodium glutamate (MSG), nitrates, potassium bromate, saccharin, sorbic acid, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, and GMOs.
Sodas especially the ones loaded with High Fructose Corn Syrup and other artificial ingredients.
Partially hydrogenated oils to extend the shelf life of foods.
Junk quick food created with chemicals in labs heavily salted with industrial-grade salt or sweetened with HFCS.
Heavily sprayed grains and conventional un-soaked legumes.
Dairy and other species milk for humans?.
Processed foods – boxes/cans/food that won’t spoil and has a long shelf life.
Sample list of hidden toxic stuff to stay away from.

How it works

      • We will have two virtual sessions: one to discuss your pantry and organizing needs and another hands-on session.
      • Schedule your Free Consultation (30 minutes) via Zoom to discuss your pantry and fridge organizing needs.
      • If you are happy with it and need a follow-up, we can schedule future sessions.


Benefits of a Virtual Pantry Clean-out

      • Together we will review your pantry needs.
      • You don’t have to let anyone into your home with a virtual session.
      • I share basic tips not to just organize your pantry, but to maintain it.
      • We get to it right away so the project gets done!
      • Fits your own schedule.


Is a Virtual Pantry Clean-out right for me?

      • YES! I am very motivated to get this pantry organized NOW!
      • YES! I am comfortable using Zoom.
      • YES! I can physically do the work, just need some guidance.
      • YES! I like the idea of using Zoom because I am super busy. I don’t have much time.
      • YES! It doesn’t matter where I live, I still can meet with Patty.


What do I need to get started?

      • Book your Free 30-Minute Chat
      • You need a reliable internet connection.
      • You need your email address, a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
      • Download free Zoom
      • Ready to get started with an open mind.
      • Enjoy the process!

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