Plant Based Lifestyle Detox Results

Plant Based

Plant Based, No Salt, No Oil, No Sugar Regardless if it’s December, April or the middle of the summer, it is always a good idea to reset and recharge your body. Ending last year strong and healthy with my Lifestyle Detox Challenge was a success! All 5 participants were able to lose weight and lower […]

An Alkaline Body Is A Balanced Body

alkalizing foods

How To Make Your Body Alkaline     In a nutshell, adopting an alkaline lifestyle will bring balance & restore its natural pH in your body. It’s a matter of incorporating healthy eating habits that actually benefit you and your family. By learning to stay away from preservatives, you open yourself to real, whole, nutrient […]

Healthy Homemade Snacks

healthy homemade snacks

Good Snacks To Eat At Home Or On The Go   When it comes to living a healthier lifestyle, knowing which healthy snacks to make is very helpful. Especially for healthy snacks on the go. Strict diets aren’t always necessary. You can make small changes by making healthy homemade snacks that focus on balance and […]

My Nutritional Detox Challenge Results: 2019

Detox Juice

It was back in January 2019 when my sister Verónica and I went to a health seminar. We picked up the instructions packet for a 4 Week Detox Challenge. My sister said, “Here! Take one! You like Challenges”. I look back at what I would now call, THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE!!! This was the most challenging […]