Plant Based Lifestyle Detox Results




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Plant Based, No Salt, No Oil, No Sugar

Plant Based

Regardless if it’s December, April or the middle of the summer, it is always a good idea to reset and recharge your body.

Ending last year strong and healthy with my Lifestyle Detox Challenge was a success! All 5 participants were able to lose weight and lower cholesterol levels by sticking to a plant based diet for 4 weeks. Eliminating inflammatory foods such as animal products, salt, oil and sugar was the main focus. I provided meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, daily support and guidance to help everyone detox safely and efficiently.

I’m going to share some of the results that participants had as well as information on how to register for the program!

Weight Loss

One of the top benefits of participating in my Lifestyle Detox Challenge is the weight loss that comes with eating clean. They say weight loss has more to do with diet and this couldn’t be more true.

Exercise is always important, however the results are clear that eating smart and being mindful of your food choices has a huge impact on weight loss. Imagine if you followed a consistent exercise routine alongside the detox, your results would be even greater!


  • Participant #1: Female age 48: lost 4 pounds, 123.2 to 119.2
  • Participant #2: Female age 57: lost 15.8 pounds, 156.8 to 141
  • Participant #4: Male age 73: lost 4.4 pounds in first 2 weeks
  • Participant #5: Female age 70: lost 4.4 pounds in first 2 weeks

Lowered Cholesterol

Another amazing benefit to changing your diet is lower cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is important for body function, however too much can restrict blood flow in the arteries, increasing the risk of heart disease. Our cholesterol levels rise as we age, so it’s especially important to take control of your health as soon as possible!


  • Participant #1: Female age 48: lowered cholesterol from 207 to 181, total 26.
  • Participant #3: Female age 60: Cholesterol dropped considerably and her doctor was impressed with the numbers. He recommended that she keep doing whatever she was doing.
  • Participant #4: Male age 73: In 2 weeks, lowered cholesterol from 289.2 to 182.56, total 106.64.
  • Participant #5: Female age 70: lowered cholesterol from 250.5 to 191.63, total 58.87.

Lower Metabolic Age

Our metabolic age refers to our basal metabolic rate compared to others in the same age group. It is an indicator of how fast we burn calories at rest, our metabolism and the state of our overall health. Think of it as how old you are on the inside.

Having a metabolic age lower than your chronological ages generally means you are in good health. If yours is higher, making adjustments to your eating and exercise habits might be a good idea!


  • Participant #1: Female age 48: metabolic age 45
  • Participant #2: Female age 57: metabolic age 59, started at 62 and gained 3 years after the detox!

Reduced Cravings

One of the biggest challenges in changing your eating habits are the cravings, especially for sweets! The good news is, you can retrain your taste buds to like different things. After 4 weeks of eliminating sugar, you’ll notice your cravings reduce significantly.

Cravings are mostly from habits. The key is to change your habits and the easiest way to do this is by substituting with healthier options. There is always a better option, it’s just a matter of figuring out what works for you!


  • Participant #5: Female age 70: She was having a little bit of cravings for bread, cakes, cookies and coffee. We found recipes that were able to be adjusted to eliminate the oil, salt, sugar, animal products and even gluten. For the coffee they opted to have a hot cup of plant-based milk with organic cacao powder. Delish and nutrient dense with lots of antioxidants!

Less Bloating

We’ve all experienced the discomfort of bloating after eating certain foods. The most common are beans, wheat, carbonated drinks, processed foods, and dairy. Many of us have a gluten sensitivity or an intolerance to lactose, without even knowing it. One thing is for sure, bloating can be frustrating to deal with.

An elimination diet, like my detox challenge, replaces the inflammatory foods with wholesome, nutrient dense food that helps reduce bloating after eating. Bloating doesn’t have to be a normality, I put together some helpful tips on how to relieve bloating fast!

  • Participant #2: Female age 57: She always felt bloated and learning what foods to eat to avoid the bloating was very empowering for her. After losing 15 pounds, she feels much better with less bloating and her clothes fit better!

How To Get Started

Ready to shed off some extra weight, lower cholesterol, eliminate bloating, sleep better, think more clearly, focus easier and improve your overall health? 

I’ve made some adjustments and am so excited to share my new and improved Recharge & Rejuvenate Program! Registration is always open for you.

But before you decide, here is your chance to give it a try for free!

This is a 4 week detox program that focuses on giving your body a nutritional recalibration and reset, along with a complete set of healthy habits and lifestyle changes. You’ll learn core fundamentals about how to create sustainable, healthy but most importantly delicious and satisfying meals!

I can help answer any questions and help you decide if Recharge & Rejuvenate is right for you! Schedule a free 30 minute Lifestyle Review consultation with me today!

Register for my online webinars and other events to learn how you can take control of your health!

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