How To Not Get Sick




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Good Habits For Healthy Living


How To Not Get Sick


As we approach the Holiday season, you may be wondering how to not get sick and considering making small healthy lifestyle changes to lower your chances of falling ill. We know that diet and exercise play a very important role. However, there are some other good personal habits you can start doing to stay illness-free. Here are 7 daily habits that can help you and your family head towards a healthier lifestyle.

Good Personal Habits


  1. Wake Up Early
  2. Hydration
  3. Meditation
  4. Gratitude
  5. Walking
  6. Cold Showers
  7. Vitamins & Supplements


Healthy Habit #1: Wake Up Early


Healthy Habit Wake Up Early


This is a habit that often gets overlooked. Waking up early has many benefits that most probably are not aware of.


For one, it sets the foundation for better sleeping patterns and full sleep cycles. The earlier you go to bed, the easier it is to wake up early and vice versa. Sleep is essential for brain function, immune health, weight loss, mood and mental wellness, etc.


Second, it helps reset your circadian rhythm, which is essentially our “internal clock.” A balanced circadian rhythm allows your body to function optimally. This helps you with not only sleep but also digestion, immunity, and cell repair, to name a few.


Third, you give yourself the opportunity for some fresh air outside. Believe it or not, early in the morning, before the rest of the world wakes up, there are less toxins in the air. Doing some light breathwork with clean, fresh air will give you more energy to start your day stress-free.


TIP: Set your alarm just 30 minutes before you normally wake up, then shift to one hour when you feel ready. Also, set an alarm or reminder to go to bed 30 mins to an hour earlier. Leave your phone or alarm across the room, not in arms reach, that way you have to physically get up to turn it off. Also, check out these morning routine ideas for self improvement!

Healthy Habit #2: Hydration


Healthy Habit Hydration


Our bodies are 60% water, which makes proper hydration vital for life. Our need for water goes all the way to the cellular level. Without the right amount of water, our cells can’t function optimally, impacting the rest of our tissues, organs, and systems.


In order to prevent getting sick, you need to figure out how much water you personally need each day. A good rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in oz of water. If you’re physically active, two-thirds your weight.


For example, 120 pounds would need 60 oz of water, or 80 oz if physically active.


Once you start hydrating properly, you will feel the difference in your body and your overall health!


TIP: It may be difficult to drink all your water at first. I recommend setting a reminder every 30 mins to an hour for a water break. Eventually, you’ll notice your body asking for water and you won’t need the reminder anymore.

Always drink from glass or stainless steel containers, never plastic. Try to only consume filtered water to eliminate the toxins and contaminants in tap water from entering your system.

Healthy Habit #3: Meditation


Healthy Habit Meditation


You may think that meditation sounds odd for a daily habit that reduces illness. The truth is, meditation can have a direct connection to your overall health. Meditation, which can be done in many forms, helps your body to slow down.
It helps you to focus on root issues and find ways to handle those issues, so they don’t get out of hand. It is a time to reflect and to focus on your overall emotional health.


When you don’t deal with these emotional and mental issues, you cause your body to become tense and stressed. This tension and stress can increase your blood pressure, cause headaches, and lead to your immune system breaking down.


Simple daily meditation habits lead to formation of new neural pathways in your brain that helps you deal with stress better. Reducing the amount of stress you feel each day has a tremendous impact on how your body reacts to illness.


TIP: Try adding meditation to your morning or night routine, whichever feels better for you. Start with 5 to 10 minutes of sitting in silence with yourself, or some gentle relaxing sounds. Guided meditations are also helpful. Focus on your breathing and pay attention to when your mind starts drifting off. Your breath will always bring you back.

Healthy Habit #4: Gratitude


Healthy Habit Gratitude


There is so much to be grateful for! If you don’t already practice daily gratitude, or prayer, I highly suggest starting as soon as possible. There is something amazing that happens when you start and end each day in gratitude.


Your mindset shifts, you feel more positive, and you vibrate at a higher frequency, one that is no match for illness. By focusing on the positive aspects of life, you will attract more positivity. By releasing stress, you make room for more. More happiness, more joy, and more health.


Replace anxiety with gratitude and feel the shift in your everyday life. Mental wellness is just as important as physical wellness. Balance is key, and a healthy mind allows for a healthy body.


TIP: Every morning write down what you are grateful for, or say it out loud. Do the same before going to bed. If you find it hard to think of anything, start with the things you love!

Healthy Habit #5: Walking


Healthy Habit Walking


Exercise is very important when it comes to strengthening our immune system. We all have busy schedules and sometimes it’s hard to find the time to exercise consistently. Instead of feeling hopeless, the simple act of walking everyday can help give that extra boost to your immune system.


The benefits of walking are beyond amazing. Walking prevents cognitive decline, improves circulation, increases blood flow to the brain and oxygen flow throughout the body. This helps you think clearly and gives your body more energy.


Walking also cuts obesity genes in half and reverses the harm caused by prolonged periods of sitting. There’s no better way to support your body than walking every day.


TIP: Start setting aside 10 minutes every day for walking. Then work your way up to 20 minutes then 30 minutes. Split it up in 5 to 10 minute increments, whatever you have time for. After waking up early and hydrating, you can practice your daily gratitude while you walk. That’s 4 daily habits right there!

Healthy Habit #6: Cold Showers


Healthy Habit Cold Showers


They may seem counterintuitive, but cold showers are actually beneficial for both your mind and your body. Incorporating cold showers into your daily routine does wonders for your overall health.

Taking cold showers consistently reduces stress levels, increases alertness, strengthens your willpower, increases weight loss, and stimulates proper circulation, all generating a robust immune response.


Cold showers may seem difficult at first. Consistency makes it easier. Start slowly and eventually you will be looking forward to your daily cold showers!


TIP: Start with a regular shower and finish the last 30 seconds with cold water. Gradually build up the duration and intensity. Take deep breaths to prepare. You quickly notice that you are able to tolerate the cold more and more.

Healthy Habit #7: Vitamins & Supplements


Healthy Habit Vitamins


After proper nutrition, vitamin supplementation is crucial for healthy living. They not only boost your immune system but are also essential for growth and development.


In order to prevent getting sick, your body needs to function optimally. This is much easier when you provide your body with the proper vitamins and minerals.


Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Zinc, Elderberry, and Turmeric are extremely helpful in supporting a healthy immune system. Look for vitamins and supplements from high quality sources you trust and that have been third party tested.


I highly recommend checking your vitamin and nutrient levels through lab work. This is a great way to know exactly what your body needs. Use the coupon code below for $20 off!


TIP: Use a pillbox for your vitamins to make it easier to take daily. Always follow the dosage instructions on the bottle and or/ instructions from your healthcare provider if under supervision. You’ll typically need to take them with adequate food and liquids. It’s easier to get in the habit of taking your supplements after meals, but again always according to the instructions.


By applying these daily habits to your lifestyle, you’ll learn how to not get sick easily. You will start to notice that your immune system is stronger and you seem to get sick at a reduced rate. These are good habits to have not just to prevent sickness, but to keep your body balanced.



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2 Responses

  1. Patty,
    All of these are great suggestions! I agree waking early is so very important and you do feel the difference.

    The only one on the list I definitely need to improve is taking my vitamins/supplements consistently. Thank you for the reminder😊

    1. My pleasure Taralyn. I am happy you agree to my suggestions. Regarding supplementation, while it is important it is also a good idea to make sure your body really needs them.

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