Morning Routine Ideas For Self Improvement




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Your Ultimate Personal Development Plan

Morning Routine Ideas


“A goal is not about what you accomplish. It’s about who you become.”

– Michael Hyatt


I am sure all of your life goals boil down to one single word: HAPPINESS. And to be happy all you have to do is live in the present moment. If you are feeling stuck, looking for a change, or just wanting more in life, these morning routine ideas for self improvement will help you get there.


When we live in the present moment (and I hear Oprah repeating this over and over…lol) you are no longer focused on the past, unless you want to relive your past. If you loved it so much, do it again! And don’t worry so much about the future because it is not here yet.


Following a morning routine will teach you how to be present, to enjoy the moments, and enjoy the journey. Who do you want to become?


Your personal development plan should focus on your daily habits, which means setting up a night routine and a morning routine.


Night Routine Ideas

1. Plan to go to bed early consistently every night. For me, it is 10 pm.


2. Set your alarm as early as you can. Mine is set at 5 am.


3. Prepare for the next day by picking out your workout clothes.


4. Take time for reflection. How was your day and what did you love about it the most?


5. Say your gratitude statements and/or prayers. It’s very important.


6. Set your intention for tomorrow. Remember mindset is everything. Whatever you say to yourself repetitively, you believe! I like to say something like this:

“I am committing to waking up at 5 AM tomorrow morning energized and refreshed, ready to create the life I truly want and deserve. “


Morning Routine Ideas

1. Practice gratitude every morning. You have so much to be thankful for!


2. Scrape your tongue, brush your teeth, and get dressed with your workout clothes.


3. Drink up. 1 – 2 glasses of purified water. Add lemon juice, lemon essential oil and/or Himalayan salt (just a little).


4. Meditate and practice stillness for 5 to 10 minutes. Listen to your breath. Pretend inhales are the ocean waves coming towards you and exhales are the ocean waves going away from you. This is relaxing and calms me down, fast, completely, and automatically.


5. Read your affirmation statements and your goals out loud. Yes, it is important to say them out loud. Try it and compare it with whispering or saying them in your mind. It is more powerful to speak them out loud. Do it for 10 minutes.


6. Close your eyes to visualize your goals coming true. Also, try remembering past experiences that bring you joy and happiness. Set the alarm for 10 minutes. Breathe. Let yourself smile 🙂


7. Read a book or listen to a short podcast that inspires you, teaches you, or motivates you for 10 minutes.


8. Freewrite. There is some magic in letting all your thoughts fly out on paper. You let your subconscious speak up and it may not make sense, but in the end, you are writing clues and signs. For 10 minutes, write down your thoughts non-stop, even if it doesn’t make any sense. Try practicing some freewriting tips below!


9. Lastly, workout and get your body moving! Pre-save your favorite workouts or download an app for your phone. I like yoga, or doing abs, squats, or HIIT (high interval intensity training). I have a rebounder that I love to jump on for at least 5 minutes. Your workout can be a simple 10 minutes if you’re pressed for time.


Once you plan for a morning routine that you can follow consistently, you will notice the difference in your mood, increased energy levels throughout the day and even improvement in your productivity.


I have been following this morning routine for a while. When I miss a day, I can notice the difference right away, especially in my mood and energy. When I don’t practice my rituals, I feel tired, energy depleted, and grumpy.

If you can do anything for yourself, try to follow these morning routine ideas. You will thank yourself! It is so rewarding and a great example for you to be the best role model for your family and those around you. Be an inspiration!


Freewriting Tips

Look for a nice, new, journal/notebook that feels special to you, either at home or go to a local store, don’t get one online, you will need to feel it and choose the right one. Then do some FREEWRITING!


Write down everything you feel about something that bugs you and all of the things you want to release. Just start pouring everything out onto the page for 5 to 15 minutes. Write fast! Write the way you think. Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, punctuation, or if it even makes sense. This is the way to see how you think. It will provide you with clarity and perspective.

Here are a few other prompts to get you started:

  • What do I want to accomplish next month?
  • How can I get unstuck?
  • What am I doing right?


Recommended Books

I highly recommend the following books that have inspired me and wanted to pass them on to you.

The Miracle Morning – by Hal Elrod

The 5 AM Club – by Robin Sharma

Accidental Genius- by Mark Levy 


Other Resources

Wim Hoff Breathing Methods

Ziva Meditation


Patty Leon Ultimate personal development ritual
Photo by Veronica Mora (Laguna del Quilotoa – Provincia del Cotopaxi – Ecuador)

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