Stuck Energy: How To Release Trapped Emotions




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Emotion Is Energy In Motion

How To Release Trapped Emotions


Did you know that energy can get stuck in vulnerable areas and show up as pain in our bodies? Most of the time, we think we must have had an injury for that pain to show up. These 3 emotional release techniques will show you how to release trapped emotions. Emotion is energy in motion and stuck energy is just trapped emotions.


When it comes to stagnant energy that becomes literally stuck, we can experience inexplicable pain in our bodies that come from stress, stored trauma and unprocessed emotions. If we hold on to those stuck emotions, those unprocessed beliefs, those undervalued feelings, we experience pain in our joints, tissues, muscles, and organs. Even a simple headache that if ignored, can become worse and bigger, causing major dysfunctions in our beautiful bodies.


Energy Body


You might be thinking… “but Patty, I eat healthy! I eat clean and I workout daily.”

Well, yes, but….

Have you thought of your mental wellness? What if what’s on your mind is not letting you let go and release energy that has been deprived from flowing freely.


3 Emotional Release Techniques


1. Declutter

2. Meditation

3. Movement


1. Declutter: The magic of tidying up is so powerful and healing. It literally moves, shifts and releases trapped emotions.

Energy Clearing


Decluttering your space is a form of energy clearing. Literally clearing out our material attachments to welcome new energy. Attachments deprive us of making room for new choices. When you have too much stuff, it’s hard to appreciate the beauty of each item.


Come into a space where you spend most of your time, either your office or your bedroom. Just stand there and perceive the place.


Where do you feel energy getting stuck? How do you feel when you are there? Is it nicely organized or is one thing on top of another, all jumbled up together you don’t even know what you have underneath?


First clear out what is visible at a glance, then continue to cabinets, drawers, and closets. This might be emotionally difficult and uncomfortable. You need to allow your emotions to process through and release from your body.


2. Meditation: Connect to your feelings.

How To Release Trapped Emotions


Everyday stressors leave us disconnected from our inner selves and we completely ignore our emotions. We become numb to our own feelings, then try to cover up with alcohol, drugs, or food, leaving us with stuck energy.


Meditation gives us a chance to connect with our feelings. To recognize them, feel them, and let them go. Give yourself permission to release trapped emotions. Once you recognize there is a relationship between your life and this pattern that is causing pain, energy can move freely.


Sit with yourself in silence or follow a guided meditation. This is a great opportunity for self awareness and self reflection. Focus on deep breathing techniques to center yourself. Try doing a full body scan by laying down and bringing awareness to each part of your body. Scan your entire body from head to toe. Feel those emotions and intentionally let go of what doesn’t serve you.


3. Movement: Remember our bodies store energy.

Mental Wellness


Our bodies accumulate tension through the years. Tension from stress, trauma, trapped emotions.. We sometimes need gentle movement to clear the stuck energy in our bodies.


Allow slow, gentle moves to release tension and stuck energy. Walking outside for a few minutes a day is so powerful. Starting the day with a morning yoga flow is a great way to get some gentle movement.


Every extreme is dangerous and working out hard daily can sometimes be counterproductive because your body might be asking for the exact opposite. Not enough movement is also an issue so stay somewhere in the middle.


Emotional release is very important for our mental wellness. After practicing these techniques, you’ll know how to release trapped emotions that create stuck energy in your body and in your life!


Helpful Resources

  • Declutter your kitchen with a Pantry Makeover! Did you know that when you become attached to a certain kind of food, you hold up that energy and relationship with that food without even knowing? The kitchen is the best place to start decluttering, cleaning, and organizing because it’s where you store and prepare the food that nurtures your body!

  • Learn once and practice for life! If you want to go all the way into meditation, try this amazing, popular way of learning and becoming a pro!

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